AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Fire Department tweeted Saturday it received almost three times its usual call volume over 24 hours, a majority of which were directly related to freezing weather.

The tweet said out of 823 calls, almost 500 were weather-related – further specifying many were about fire alarm activations or broken water pipes.

Austin resident Mohit Raghunathan said he was inside his condo when fire alarms around the complex started blaring.

He said he quickly put on his coat and cold weather gear to rush outside. Once there, he said he saw the alarms were triggered by a broken water pipe in the building’s parking garage.

“Water was gushing through the garage. We had already seen people out running out here. So yeah, luckily, it was an isolated burst toward the end of the garage,” Raghunathan said.

Raghunathan said he spoke briefly with firefighters that responded to the broken pipe. He said they told him they had been out most of the day responding to similar calls.

He said, while he was thankful this break was minor, he was reminded of the 2021 freeze when his apartment was flooded because of a pipe burst.

“We didn’t have electricity for over a week, so people abandoned the place, and pipes burst left and right. I came back with a flooded apartment,” Raghunathan said.

If you experience a pipe burst, the City of Austin asks for any non-emergency break to be reported to its 311 phone line. Visit this link for more on how to find and report water leaks.