AUSTIN (KXAN) — Lights, cameras and fashion: Austin Fashion Week (AFW) wrapped up Sunday. AFW Founder Matt Swinney said its the fourth largest one in the country.

“New York, LA, Miami, and then little Austin, Texas. Who knew?” Swinney said. “We’ve kind of been become known even globally as the kind of hub for emerging designers, especially in the central part of the US in Texas,”

27 local high school students had a chance to debut their own designs. One of them was Round Rock ISD senior Jair Brown.

“This took my like 2 hours. Then this is the back,” Brown said. “It’s crochet.”

  • Jair Brown's pants that he crocheted
  • back of Jair Brown's crochet top

Students with Round Rock High School, Stony Point High School, Cedar Ridge High School, Westwood High School and Vandegrift High School all took part.

They worked with Austin-based home shopping network Shop LC to prepare for this event.

“They help us like make stuff. They teach us like skills and like how the industry works like in the future,” Brown said.

Swinney said this is AFW’s 15th year. In that time, he said he’s seen the fashion industry grow tremendously.

“Volume is the biggest thing and not just in attendees just in I mean, as we’ve seen Austin just explode, right?” Swinney said. “We’ve seen so many people moving to Austin from the coasts, especially who are big in the fashion industry in New York, and LA and Miami and places like that. And now they’re here. And they’re bringing all their expertise and their talent with them.”

For high schoolers like Brown, this was a dream come true. He said this is the first of many runways where he’ll show off his designs.

“Make my own clothes, my own crochet stuff. I plan to like have my own company eventually and I want to do things like this and have opportunities for people like me,” Brown said.