Austin explosions reminiscent of previous attacks


The Austin package explosions are reminiscent of previous high profile cases involving serial attacks.

KXAN News spoke with James Fitzgerald, a former FBI agent who played a big role in the infamous UNABOMBER investigation.

“In the world of profiling and behaviorism we call that victimology. And whenever we have a victim of a crime we want to know everything about that person. Their background, their present associations, where they used to live, where they live new, where they work. And we look for, when you have multiple victims like we do now, at least three so far, we would look for a what kind of a nexus is there would between them and among them,” Fitzgerald said.

In terms of geographic locations of the explosions, Fitzgerald says agents are figuring out if there is a pattern.

“What I’ve always learned whether it’s a serial bank robber, serial rapist, serial bomber, whatever, the first crime scene is always the most significant one. Not just to do with the evidence and the device itself, in this case a bombing, but it also may be the area most familiar to the offender. He may have a past connection to the location of the bombing.”

Austin police have not revealed if there has been any communication with the attacker.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if an old school type letter shows up at some media outlet in your area. It is some type of ideological or philosophical purpose behind these bombings you may see some notification. And it may really be what this person represents or feels or it may be ruse something to throw off investigators with misinformation,” Fitzgerald said.

He says the Austin attacker could choose to change their method of their attacks due to the widespread news coverage. He also believes the attacker is closely following media reports about his or her activities.

“So I’m wondering now, with all this media coverage, the bomber’s signature sure won’t change, but his MO [modus operandi] may change because he knows there’s so much publicity right now and people are looking for him all over. This person put a lot of time effort and energy and probably some money too to develop and put together these particular devices. At some point, he’s going to let people know why he’s doing this.”

Fitzgerald is the author of the book A Journey to the Center of the Mind which chronicles his career as an FBI profiler.

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