AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mason Pitts and Allie Bond were on cloud nine Saturday.

Pitts, a recreational pilot and engineer at an Austin engineering firm, wanted to make his proposal to Bond as special as he could. So he thought, why not do it in the beauty of the sky? He said he also saw a YouTube video three years ago of someone doing the same thing, but can you blame him for wanting to do it himself?

Pitts said he planned it out with personnel at the Spicewood airport that he was going to fly from Austin to Spicewood, where Allie’s parents live, for a family get together. He’s had his pilot’s license since 2015, he said, but hadn’t taken his future in-laws up in his plane, so that’s how he convinced her to fly out there so he could take her parents up the following day.

He also said he “needed to practice,” since he hadn’t flown in awhile. Not exactly comforting, presumably, but it worked out.

She truly had no idea what was about to happen as the couple began the descent into Spicewood, which is pretty evident in the video.

Pitts said the week before the engagement flight, he told friends and family to meet them along the airport runway when they landed. He even modified a checklist of what to do in case of engine failure and she read it while he pulled the ring out and popped the question.

Obviously, she said yes.

“It was quite the sight when we landed and saw all of our loved ones cheering us on,” Pitts said.