AUSTIN (KXAN) — Upset over the pace at which City Manager Spencer Cronk has addressed calls for leadership changes at the Austin Police Dept., Council Member Jimmy Flannigan has called for a review of Cronk’s employment with the city.

The Austin City Council will discuss the “employment, duties, and evaluation” of Cronk during executive sessions at a work session on Tuesday and, again, at Thursday’s regularly called meeting.

Flannigan told KXAN that the discussion of Cronk’s employment is not a routine check-in with the city manager. A spokesperson for the city said Cronk requested his quarterly review for the same time.

“I asked for it myself,” Flannigan said in an interview. “Because the change needs to come and needs to come faster and I’m not satisfied with the pace of change in leadership in law enforcement.”

Cronk, not the City Council, has control over who leads APD. Chief Brian Manley faced mounting criticism over the department’s response to police brutality protests in May and June, as well as the officer-involved shooting death of Mike Ramos, though calls for his ouster quieted while the city council worked on budget reform.

Council Member Natasha Harper-Madison believes it is time for a change in leadership at APD and she too has felt frustrated by the pace at which change is carried out. But Harper-Madison, unlike Flannigan, believes the City Manager’s Office has followed the will of the council and is doing its due diligence.

“I do wish that there had been more action sooner but I certainly understand the complication of the job,” Harper-Madison told KXAN.

KXAN politics reporter John Engel will have a full report on this story on KXAN News at 10 p.m.