AUSTIN (KXAN) — Members of Austin City Council will vote Wednesday on whether they take home a larger paycheck in 2023.

Council members will vote on an ordinance that would set the annual base salaries as follows:

  • Mayor proposed salary: $134,191
  • Council members proposed salary: $116,688

The ordinance would update one set in 2006, which set the following base annual salaries:

  • Mayor 2006 salary: $67,981.00
  • Council members 2006 salary: $57,736.00

The ordinance explains the last time base salaries for council members were reviewed was in 2006. Since then, the pay has been adjusted for the rising cost of living in Austin.

An Aug. 1 memo summarizing a study from the City’s Human Resources Department found the mayor and council member positions are currently paid the following with cost of living increases:

  • Mayor current salary: $97,956.00
  • Council current salary: $83,158.40

That means council members could make 40% more in 2023 than they did in 2022.

The ordinance allows for cost of living adjustments to continue and also outlines a plan to conduct a market study of pay for council members and their staff in 2027 and every five years after to determine whether changes in compensation are needed.