AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin City Council passed a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year late Thursday night, increasing the living wage for city employees to $20, up from $15. But city staff aren’t the only ones who will see a salary bump.

City council members also approved a 40% pay raise for themselves and the Mayor of Austin.

Council members voted on an ordinance that set those salaries. It’s the first time those salaries have been updated in 16 years.

“This was recommended through a market study through the council offices, and the pay for council has not been reviewed or revised since 2006.” Mayor Pro-Tem Alison Alter explained.

The salary increase is detailed below:

  • Mayor’s salary: $134,191 — increased from the 2006 base salary of $67,981
  • Council members’ salary: $116,688 — increased from the 2006 base salary of $83,158.40

Currently, the the mayor’s salary is $97,956, and council is $83,158.40. The base salary is the minimum amount a member can make, not necessarily the salary they’ll have. Those salaries will increase at the beginning of the new fiscal year in October.

The raise now puts city council members near, but still under, the current pay of Travis County Commissioners, who voted to raise their pay to over $135,000 in 2019.