AUSTIN (KXAN) An Austin-based startup company is trying to change the future, designing robots aimed at altering the way we work and live.

Back in 2016, Apptronik was founded by four men within the human-centered robotics lab at the University of Texas at Austin.

Now, they’ve expanded to over 70 employees and are working with NASA to commercialize a humanoid robot.

Nicholas Paine is Apptronik’s chief technology officer.

“Being a graduate of UT Austin, the motto is ‘what starts here changes the world’ and that’s really our mission here at Apptronik,” he said. “To have the biggest impact in the world that we can.”

The robotics company, which operates in a warehouse in north Austin, has crafted a wide variety of products since its inception, ranging from exoskeletons to general-purpose robots. Apptronik’s clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies.

“We build everything from the hardware of the robot to the electronics, firmware, software and all the control algorithms on top of that,” Paine explained.

This fall, Apptronik announced a partnership with NASA to develop a robot resembling a human.

Apollo is a general-purpose robot designed to serve as a resource and tool in space.

Designed to replicate anything humans can do; the goal is for Apollo to assist astronauts in making trips to the Moon and Mars.

“We really see technology as a tool,” Paine said. “We believe robots are one of the most valuable and useful tools that we can create.”

Apptronik CEO Jeff Cardenas added that their robots could make a major impact on the supply chain.

“The needs of our supply chain are really outpacing the workers we have,” he said. “We have huge labor shortages all across the economy.”

Unlike an average robot that fulfills the same task, over and over, Apptronik designs general-purpose robots, meaning they can complete a wide of daily duties.

“As humans, our most valuable resource is time,” Cardenas said. “As toolmakers, we’ve gotten good enough to start building machines that could give us back time.”

Redefining the future across all industries, the sky is the limit at Apptronik.

“Our goal is to get these robots out of our labs and out into the real world,” Cardenas concluded. “To really improve the way we live and work.”

The Apollo robot will be unveiled to the world during an event in Austin this summer.

Apptronik is also actively adding new employees interested in robotics and engineering. To apply for a job, visit Apptronik’s website.