AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin City Council approved Thursday nearly $4 million in grant funding that will be dispersed to 36 Austin arts nonprofits, a press release said.

The money comes from the Thrive Grant, a program that aims to support and develop arts and cultural institutions, especially ones that have been historically institutionally marginalized and underfunded in Austin. The awards range from $85,000 to $150,000 and will go towards activities marketed to tourists, the release said.

“Thrive will help sustain and grow our creative economy through operating grants and access to a supportive peer cohort with networking and learning opportunities,” said Sylnovia Holt-Rabb, Director of the Economic Development Department.

“This program addresses the historical under-funding and cultural displacement of communities within Austin by offering transformative funding for these organizations to invest in their own future,” a press release said.

Funding for the grant — managed by the Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department — comes from a portion of the annual Hotel Occupancy Tax allocations for the Cultural Arts Fund, the release said.

“With a history of 25 years, this Thrive award will provide us with the opportunity and critical support to focus on the next years and develop as a self-sustaining cultural institution. To serve, collaborate and engage not only our current communities but diverse groups throughout Austin. And to continue to introduce everyone to the talented, important and beautiful stories and voices of the filmmakers we represent,” said Gabriel Ornelas of the Cine Las America, one of the awardees.

See a list of all other awardees here.