AUSTIN (KXAN) — An apartment complex near the University of Texas at Austin will be without water over the holidays, according to signs posted around the complex. It won’t be back on until 9 a.m. Monday.

“I just woke up and the signage was out there,” Ming Dan, who lives at the property said. “I think I’m staying here. Probably gonna go get some water. We were actually thinking like maybe HEB ran out of stuff so, I don’t know.”

The property manager—Pioneer Austin—didn’t get back to us about the signs posted at the Croix apartments on 24th Street, near the university. But the signs were still plastered on many doors when we visited Wednesday. They say the winter weather is to blame for the shutoff.

So is the complex allowed to do this? One resident took to Reddit to ask. Many of the responders weren’t sure about legality but criticized the note. Plus, with students on break, many aren’t around to drip their pipes.

Still, it’s something non-profit BASTA Austin, which works with renters, says the complex isn’t allowed to do.

“It needs to be an emergency situation like there is a leak, there is a major rupture and a tenant is getting flooded. That you can cut off the water, but cutting off the water because you’re scared of a flood doesn’t count,” Mincho Jacob, executive director of BASTA’s eviction mitigation project, said.

If you do end up in a situation similar to this one, Jacob says to call 311 and make a code complaint. Then, document everything. While it may not serve you immediately during the holidays, you could eventually have a case in court.

“You could get monetary damages. It’s one month rent plus $1,000, but you have to go to court,” Jacob said.

To find legal resources and more information about your rights as a renter, head to BASTA’s website.