AUSTIN (KXAN) — First the storms, then the Fourth of July fireworks led to another uptick in animals coming into the Austin Animal Center.

“We took in 57 dogs Wednesday because of the thunderstorm — that’s a lot,” says Jennifer Olohan with the Austin Animal Center. Usually during the summer, it can get in between 20 and 40 animals each day.

Thursday, they are waiting to see how many more might come in as a result of fireworks. The Center is already over capacity with more than 400 animals. Kittens are even in popup crates in the cat area and some dogs are pairing up in kennels to make more space.

“We have behaviorists who decide if dogs can get along with another dog and share a space,” Olohan says. “They kind of enjoy having a buddy, but sometimes it makes it harder to get them adopted because visitors walk into a space holding two dogs.”

In an effort to find the hundreds of kittens, puppies, cats and dogs a home, Austin Animal Center will waive all adoption and reclaim fees through Monday.

“If your pet ran off because of the storm or the fireworks, make sure to check here first. Even if someone takes them to the Austin Humane Society or Austin Pets Alive, they will be brought here because we are the main intake for the city,” Olohan says.

The Center will also microchip pets for free.

“And, if you find a lost pet we can check their microchip, but also keep in mind you can take them to a local vet or pet store and they can also scan the microchip,” Olohan says.