AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin Animal Center employee went to the hospital over the weekend for serious injuries sustained from a dog bite, according to Austin-Travis County EMS and the Austin Animal Center.

The animal center says the dog was in the process of being removed from his kennel when the attack happened.

The dog, named Snowball, was euthanized Saturday, according to the animal center. The animal had been at AAC since September after his owner had him surrendered.

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Jennifer Olohan, the Austin Animal Center Program Manager and Media and Communications Specialist, said Snowball had several incidents on record.

Olohan said a few weeks prior, the dog had bitten someone, which resulted in non-severe injuries. Also, she said Snowball had another incident called a “re-direct,” which happens when an animal lashes out at someone after being triggered by a separate source.

Olohan said it is within the shelter’s rights to make a decision to euthanize if the bite is severe or if the dog might be considered dangerous.

Another AAC employee told KXAN the woman was released from the hospital Monday and that the center was operating with a normal amount of staff on the day of the attack.

ATCEMS was called to the scene around 11 a.m. Saturday. A woman in her 30s was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center, ATCEMS says.

Aggressive Dogs at the AAC

In September, we received multiple reports of aggressive dogs being adopted out at the Austin Animal Center.

At the time, the shelter told us each dog has a detailed profile. Staff records the animal’s interactions throughout its time at the shelter.

If a dog comes in with previous reports of aggression toward other dogs or people, staff is trained to ask for more details on its behavior.

The AAC said all notes are given to adopters. If there is concern about aggression, that dog is flagged for a consultation with behavioral staff members.