AUSTIN (KXAN) – More 911 calls coming into Austin’s 911 center and there is less staff to answer them. That means some people might be put on hold.

That’s what Lt. Kenneth Murphy, head of Austin Police Department’s communications division said during Monday’s public safety committee meeting.

Lt. Murphy says in 2019, operators were answering 99% of calls within 10 seconds. Now with all the vacancies and more calls coming in, dispatchers are only able to answer 90% of calls within 10 seconds.

“There are more 911 calls coming in and we have less staff,” Murphy said. “There are times when 911 calls will hold and it shouldn’t be that way. My goal is anyone who calls 911 should have a response within 10 seconds, but you have to have people to make that happen.”

Right now, there are 15 police dispatcher vacancies and 31 openings for 911 operators.

Last year in October, APD announced that non-emergency crimes should start going to 311 or instead of 911.