AUSTIN (KXAN) — Approximately one-third of Austin Transportation Department’s traffic signals are offline Wednesday amid ongoing power outage issues, an ATD spokesperson confirmed to KXAN.

As of 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, officials said more than 25 traffic signals were in “flash mode,” with crews working to repair them to normal operations. However, roughly 375 signals — about a third of ATD’s system — were unable to connect with ATD’s Mobility Management Center.

Officials said an offline signal doesn’t mean it’s in all-way flash mode or fully dark, but that the MMC cannot communicate with it. As a result, crews are required to make field visits to register the signal’s status and repair it, as needed.

Approximately half of the city’s traffic signals have battery backup systems that last between four and six hours. Once those six hours elapse, those intersections will go dark until they are repaired.

ATD’s Signal Monitor portal shows the status of signals throughout the city.

Under normal circumstances, the ATD spokesperson said about one-third of signals can be reset to typical operations remotely, courtesy the MMC. Resetting remotely from the MMC means less delay and helps ATD free up technicians from having to go out in severe weather conditions.

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However, if the signal cannot be reset from the MMC, that equipment likely needs repairs from a field crew, the spokesperson said. ATD has 24-hour field crews available during this weather event to assist with repairs, they added.

ATD officials said the department hasn’t received reports of any signals or signs knocked down during this latest winter storm. If residents sees a damaged or downed street signal or sign, they can report it by calling 3-1-1, using 3-1-1’s mobile app or filling out an online form.