AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin-Travis County EMS is anticipating a busy day Saturday, with over 100,000 people expected to be downtown for the UT-Alabama game.

ATCEMS has a plan in place to handle the influx downtown, including adding extra resources to the area. They’re doing the same for another big event at the Circuit of the Americas.

But with ongoing staffing shortages on top of those two large events, KXAN asked if ATCEMS is ready for the load.

During last week’s Longhorn game, five of EMS’s 47 ambulances were parked because there was no one to staff them. The union representing Austin medics said that two ambulances moved from their normal areas to cover last week’s game.

Michael Wright, assistant chief over operations for ATCEMS, said this upcoming weekend shouldn’t be a problem because they will move resources around to areas where they’re seeing a large call volume.

“We are anticipating UT beating Alabama, right, and so we are planning for the revelry after that,” Wright said.

He’s also reminding people to stay hydrated, especially outside in the hot weather.