AUSTIN (KXAN) Ascension Seton recently donated $3 million to Finding Home ATX to help with the organization’s goal of ending unsheltered homelessness in Austin.

On any given night in Austin, about 3,000 people are without homes, according to a press release from Ascension Seton. Finding Home ATX is working to rehouse those people and re-stabilize an additional 2,300 local households by the end of 2024.

Unsheltered homelessness is a growing challenge and devastating reality for many individuals and families in our community. Ascension Seton is committed to supporting this transformational initiative as part of our mission to provide compassionate care for all. We are proud to contribute to Finding Home ATX in collaboration with other local partners as they work to improve our community’s  care for individuals experiencing homelessness and provide meaningful pathways to stable shelter.

Andy Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Texas

Finding Home ATX convened a summit with the City of Austin, Travis County, the Austin Chamber of Commerce and dozens of service providers to determine the investment need and path forward to reach its goal of ending unsheltered homelessness in Austin.

“We are grateful for the support from Ascension Seton and other members of the Austin community as we strive to reach this transformative goal of reaching functional zero in the Austin housing crisis,” Lynn Meredith, chair of Finding Home ATX’s Core Leadership Planning Group, said. 

Finding Home ATX was recently named one of the most ambitious Housing America partners due to its ‘housing first’ approach and goal to make homelessness in Austin brief and non-frequent.

Ascension Seton also produced a film to help dispel myths about homeless and offer a message of hope. One of the men featured in the film is already living in an apartment and on the road to recovery, according to Ascension Seton.