AUSTIN (KXAN) — According to the Austin Fire Department, water rescue assets assisted the Austin Police Department with an investigation of a recreational jumper off the Pennybacker bridge Sunday afternoon.

AFD posted on social media that the person was found safe.

‘Seen our share of incidents’

The bridge stands 100 feet above Lake Austin. Even at such tall heights, Austin Travis County EMS said people continue to jump off it.

“Through the years, we’ve certainly seen our share of incidents of folks jumping from the bridge and even from the upper structures of the bridge,” said ATCEMS Public Information Officer Captain Darren Noak.

While rare, Noak said it does happen. The most recent incident was Sunday afternoon.

“Today’s incident resulted in no injuries and no need for either evaluation or transport,” Noak said.

While the person was found safe, Noak said it could’ve been a lot worse based on what they’ve seen in the past.

“Spinal injuries, you know, head injuries, broken bones, collapsed lungs,” Noak said. “Taking that chance for one little moment of thrill could end you up in the hospital or even worse.”

It’s left some visitors below the bridge concerned.

“It looks like it should be pretty deep, but it’s only like six feet. A fun day like this could turn into a tragedy pretty quickly,” said Nick Haight.

Many of them said they’d like to see more measures to stop another jump in the future.

“Fence or something to prevent that from happening. I had no idea that this was accessible,” said Velissa Jewell.

ATCEMS said they frequently get jumpers from bridges along Lady Bird Lake as well.

But, the City of Austin has made jumping from bridges illegal.

According to a city code, “a person may not dive or jump from a bridge that crosses the Colorado River or Barton Creek.”

In the case of Lady Bird Lake, there is debris under the water such as concrete and rebar, that provides a potential danger for anyone trying to dive in.