AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department released aerial footage of Tuesday’s abortion rights protest in downtown Austin, hoping to provide transparency surrounding a video circulating online that shows an officer seemingly throwing a female protester to the ground.

APD said on Friday two people were arrested and charged with interference with public duties during the protest earlier this week.

Police footage from the above

APD’s aerial footage shows officers attempting to make arrests in the area of Congress Avenue and East Fifth Street. Around eight seconds in, three officers appear to be detaining a man in a purple shirt, black hat and green bandana.

That’s when protesters begin rushing the officers, including someone in a white shirt and hat, and a woman in a white shirt and backpack.

Around 12 seconds in, the woman in the backpack begins reaching over into the group. The person in the hat falls to the ground because of the rush, and their hat is knocked off their head.

That’s when a fourth officer runs to the huddle, grabs and pulls the woman in the backpack backward off the group. She falls on her back to the ground around 14 seconds in.

Three seconds later, the woman in the backpack gets up and walks toward that fourth officer who pulled her. The officer can be seen trying to keep other protesters off the huddle.

Around 22 seconds, the footage shows officers trying to make sure the person in the hat is OK, helping them to their feet. Officers also seem to detain them as well, in addition to the man in the purple shirt. The woman in the backpack does not appear to be detained.

  • 1. Man in purple shirt, black hat and green bandana detained (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)
  • 2. Protesters begin rushing the officers (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)
  • 3. Huddle becomes more tense (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)
  • 4. Woman in backpack on the ground (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)
  • 5. Woman in backpack running toward huddle after getting back up (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)
  • 6. The two detainees being ushered off (Courtesy of Austin Police Department)

Protester view from the ground

A viewer sent KXAN the below video Tuesday night, which shows the incident from the ground. Since receiving this over four-minute video, KXAN has been working to gather context for what led up to the incident.

The protester-shot video begins as the officer pulls the woman with the backpack and she falls.

After the woman gets back up, the officer can be seen shouting “back up” at the protesters and getting his pepper spray out.

The video shows officers walking away from the intersection, with protesters following them for a few minutes as they try to get the people detained into police cars. The crowd starts shouting “let them go.”

KXAN has asked APD whether it’s reviewing the footage of the officer pulling the woman with the backpack for use of force. We will update this story if a response is received.