AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police are investigating after a northwest Austin pharmacy and its patrons were robbed by two armed men over the weekend.

The robbery took place Saturday morning. The Austin Police Department says officers responded to the call at Liberty Pharmacy off Spicewood Springs Road near U.S. 183 around 10:50 a.m.

Liberty Pharmacy off Spicewood Springs Road near U.S. 183 (KXAN Photo/Kaitlyn Karmout)
Liberty Pharmacy off Spicewood Springs Road near U.S. 183 (KXAN Photo/Kaitlyn Karmout)

APD says two men with guns and masks entered the business and demanded items from employees as well as customers. They ended up stealing items from both patrons and the business itself.

Right now, no arrests have been made, APD says, but officers do have descriptions of the robbers.

The first man is described as a Black man who is about 5’10” with a medium/husky build. Police say he was wearing many layers of clothing, including a black jacket, white undershirt, black pants and sunglasses.

The second robber is described as a Hispanic or Black man who is about 5’6″ with a medium/thin build. He was also wearing a lot of clothing, including a grey hoodie, bright safety orange undershirt, tan pants and sunglasses. He had on white, worn leather high-top shoes, APD says.

APD is unsure of the men’s approximate ages.

If you have any details about the robbery, you can call the APD Robbery Tipline at (512) 974-5092.

Pharmacy customers react

Liberty Pharmacy has changed hands over the years, but those who stop by have nothing but good things to say.

“These are good people, they’re hard working people,” said a pharmacy customer. “It feels terrible that someone would do this. I always try and support the mom-and-pop shops.”

Austin City Council Member Mackenzie Kelly stopped by Monday following the robbery to check on the employees inside. Liberty has been her local pharmacy for years.

“When something like this occurs, it shakes us all,” said Kelly. “Not knowing where the perpetrators are or if they may strike again… that’s also concerning.”

An Austin police detective told KXAN based on the nature of the crime, it appears the suspects may have known what they were doing, but a robbery like this is a rarity.

“Usually it’s more of a burglary after-hours type of incident,” said Det. Michael Decker.

Decker is now sifting through the surveillance cameras but says it’s challenging since the men had masks on.

KXAN’s Kaitlyn Karmout asked Decker how often cases like these are solved.

“I would say that’s arbitrary for me to put a number on it. There are some things that can crack a case like this, and then sometimes if it doesn’t happen again, and we don’t have any leads,” said Decker. “It’s hard to put a number on that.”

Community members were initially questioning the response times on this case. Decker says the call came in after the suspects had left around 10:47 a.m. Saturday. Officers got there five minutes later.