AUSTIN (KXAN) — Due to February’s winter storms, the Austin Police Department said the critical incident video for a police shooting Feb. 10 won’t be released within 60 days of the incident.

APD officers Jeffrey Hutchison and Ryan Nichols were placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting during a hostage situation at 2907 Rogge Lane in east Austin. The department said the two officers have been reinstated to full duty but didn’t specify when. Hutchison has been with APD for eight years, and Nichols has 13 years of experience with APD.

The suspect in the incident was shot and killed by officers, and the hostages, a woman and child, were unharmed.

The department said the briefing video is in production and will be released no later than May 1. APD said it’s department policy to release the briefing videos within 60 days of the incident in question.

Note: The video above is from a report Feb. 11, a day after the incident.