AUSTIN (KXAN) — Chief Joseph Chacon joined the members of the 144th Cadet Class in the traditional run on Congress Avenue.

While Friday’s graduation will be more of a celebration, Chief Chacon says the Chief’s Run is a bonding experience focused on reflection.

“I talk to them about honor and sacrifice,” he said. “Not everybody makes it through this process, it’s a really really tough process. We have high expectations to make sure these officers are ready to meet the expectations of the community.”

The 144th Cadet Class started with a class of 100, with 66 making it to the end.

Following graduation, cadets will have a 15-month probation period, according to APD. They’ll spend the first three months accompanying a field training officer.

“Growing up I’ve seen a lot of negative in our society and something just called me to want to help people,” said Cadet Christian Adame. “It’s a bridge I’ve been wanting to build for a while, seeing this disconnect between society and law enforcement.”

This is the first cadet class to train under the “reimagined” program.