AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department will patrol with typical weekend staffing numbers for New Year’s Eve, but many officers will have newly graduated cadets with them.

“They’re out trying to learn new things, and we’ll probably be making more contacts than normal while they’re in their learning process,” said Detective Jason Day with APD’s Impaired Driving Investigations Unit.

APD’s annual “No Refusal Initiative” runs through the weekend as well.

“If you do drink and drive it’s most likely you’re going to get stopped, and you will get arrested – and a sample of your blood will be taken,” said Day.

Bar staff are also ready for any potential New Year’s Eve crowds.

“We check ID’s making sure nobody underage is getting in,” said Lux Blue, who has worked bar security in Austin for 25 years. He said he loves his job, and takes his security responsibility seriously. “We spend a little bit of time with each customer trying to engage if they’re intoxicated or not.”

He also had a few tips for people planning for a night out downtown.

“Charge your phone before you go out, make sure you have a hearty meal before you go out,” he said.

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission upped inspection efforts leading into the holiday, and agents will conduct undercover inspections this weekend as well.

“The thing is as they get busy to take the time to take those steps to verify a person’s age before the sale of alcohol and especially before anything like a DWI or assault takes place,” said Chris Porter, the agency’s public information officer.

Any businesses that break TABC rules face fines – or the suspension of their liquor license.