AUSTIN (KXAN) – An Austin animal shelter hopes the popularity of Taylor Swift gives some new kittens temporary homes.

Austin Pets Alive!, or APA!, used a stop from Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ in Arlington on Sunday to promote felines named for the singer.

APA! named 29 cats/kittens after Swift and her music and plans to name another litter after the popstar.

The shelter said it has many cats and neonatal kittens and hoped 40 people would apply to be fosters through its Bottle Baby Foster Program.

According to the APA! website, “Bottle Babies” are puppies or kittens ranging in age from 1 day to about 4 weeks old. They need to be fed formula by bottle or syringe every 2-3 hours, APA! says.

You can also foster “Syringe Gruelies” which are 3 to 6 weeks old. APA! says you will introduce them to “real” food by syringe feeding them a gruel mixture every 4-6 hours.

“Gruelies!” are 5 or 6 weeks old and have learned to eat on their own. You’ll need to weigh them and feed them fresh food every 4-6 hours.

APA! also needs fosters for pregnant or nursing moms.

According to APA! website, you can foster for a one-night emergency, babysit a litter for a weekend or a couple of weeks, or raise the litter until they’re adopted.

You can find out more foster details online.