AUSTIN (KXAN) — Reina, a popular bar on Rainey Street, announced in a social media post Friday its last day of operation would be September 11. The announcement comes after city plans to develop the area for additional residential buildings.

“We knew this was coming and that our days were numbered,” the bar said in the post. “It still couldn’t prepare us for the sadness we’re feeling.”

Reina is one of many bars in the district to announce its closing due to a construction project on Rainey Street where a condo is set to be developed. Container Bar and Bungalow both closed in March to make way for the development.

Reina opened at 78 Rainey Street in January 2020—just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“We often think back to when Reina was a place of refuge during covid when most other businesses in the city were still shuttered,” the post said. “The smiles we saw on people’s faces as they ventured outside of their homes for the first time in months is a memory burned inside our heads forever.”

The bar said it wanted to live life big during its final weeks in operation.

“Create your very last memories at Reina on Rainey and savor them,” the bar said. “Let’s do it for our amazing staff. Let’s do it for the memory of what Austin was. Let’s do it for Rainey Street. Let’s do it BIG!”