AUSTIN (KXAN) — While Austin Energy continues restoring power to customers across Austin there are some who will have to pay for the repairs themselves.

During Monday’s press conference an Austin Energy spokesperson said “a lot of customers that have damage to their facilities, they will have to enlist a local electrician.”

Kelsey Vance is one of those customers who is having to pay for damage from the freeze because it is her property that received damage.

“Ripped it off of the wall,” Vance said as she pointed to a utility box that once was connected to her home.

During the freeze, a branch fell over the line that connects to her home and she lost power.

“It has been frustrating and really challenging,” Vance said.

The work to fix her specific issue cost almost $20,000, which she was splitting with the neighbor who shares the lines and utility boxes that were ripped out.

“You get really sad when you have to spend money unexpectedly,” Vance said.

KXAN spoke with an electrician with Abacus who was not involved in Vance’s case, but said they have been busy with similar calls.

“The only thing they [Austin Energy] cover is the wires coming from the pole and everything else is the customer’s property,” Don Childers with Abacus said. “About 95% of all our calls are about power issues right now.”

Vance said she had to go through a process of having permits granted and other steps like approval letters which took time.

Vance’s neighbors had power again Friday night, but because she had to have extra repairs made, she got power Monday evening.

Vance said her homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost for some of the repairs. She has also filed a larger claim with the HOA insurance which she said will include tree and potential roof damage.