AUSTIN (KXAN) — The local defamation case against InfoWars host Alex Jones is set to start in just over a week. Today, in district court in Austin, there was a pre-trial hearing.

Jury selection is scheduled to start July 25th. This is to find out how much Jones should pay to the families of victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The trial was postponed back in April.

Jones was already found liable for damages and has already lost defamation cases over his comments that the shooting was a hoax.

A similar case in Connecticut over the same issue is set to start early August. In that case, partial depositions were released.

The Sandy Hook families say since the 2012 killing, Jones’ followers, spurred on by conspiracy theories, have harassed them and sent them death threats.

According to deposition transcripts, Jones said he didn’t accept responsibility because he wasn’t trying to cause pain and suffering. He added that the families are being used to destroy the First Amendment and the right to free speech.

Jones would later say on his media platforms he did believe the shooting happened, but has maintained he has the right to say it didn’t.