AUSTIN (KXAN) — Starting Tuesday, the Austin Independent School District will disinfect all of its bus fleet as a “proactive measure.”

The district sent a memo to its transportation staff March 3 detailing the anti-microbial cleaner it will use and the method of cleaning. The memo said the district’s extra duty crews will use DIS.IN.FX Antimicrobial Services and will fog, spray and mist the product on every bus and vehicle in the district.

DIS.IN.FX is a proprietary blend of high-powered disinfectants, cleaners and RAZOR antimicrobial coating.

“There is no way to guarantee that a vehicle or bus can be 100% germ free,” the memo read, “but our goal is to make our working environment as clean as possible.”

This is just one way school districts in Central Texas are combating potential coronavirus outbreaks. Last week, Kaitlyn Karmout outlined other ways districts are keeping your kids safe.