AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin Independent School District first-grade teacher is running 50 miles today around the school where he teaches to raise money for a book vending machine. 

Luis Reséndiz is a Dual Language teacher at Ridgetop Elementary School in central Austin. He said he decided to run not only to raise funds for more books but also to engage with the community. 

“I just decided to give to the community and to throw a fundraiser to connect with the community,” Reséndiz said. 

The book vending machine will only have bilingual texts, and Reséndiz hopes to raise nearly $20,000 to cover the costs. Part of the reason for the elevated cost is that Reséndiz wants to order only hardcover books. 

“In order to be accessible for kids, it has to be hardcover, because… kids,” he said with a laugh.

Those who wish to support his fund drive can contribute on his fundraiser website. 

This is not the first time Reséndiz has run for books. In 2020, he ran 50 miles around his apartment complex to connect with his community and fundraise for his school. 

If you’re getting palpitations thinking about the prospect of Reséndiz running 50 miles, do not worry. Reséndiz is an ultramarathon runner. 

“I already have the endurance to complete that. It’s still a long distance, and anything can happen,” he said. 

But luckily, he said, he’ll have the cheers of encouragement from his students to propel him forward as he runs.