AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Thursday, nonprofit Third Future Schools updated AISD’s board on an action plan to improve Mendez Middle School.

The board of trustees approved the collaboration with Third Future Schools in March 2022 following consistent “F” ratings by the Texas Education Agency.

The outlined plan included improving the campus to a “D” rating this school year, a “C” rating next year, and a “B” rating by the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years.

KXAN is still waiting on ratings from this past school year. On Tuesday, the TEA delayed the release of those ratings to have more time to analyze growth.

AISD said it was also adopting new guidelines to protect students and staff in hot weather.

Five-minute water breaks are required every 15 to 20 minutes for outdoor activities once the temperature hits 95 degrees.

Starting at 100 degrees, outdoor practices for athletics and fine arts are limited to 2 hours, and starting at 105 degrees, outdoor practices are limited to 1 hour.

The district said it was also purchasing new wet bulb globe temperature monitors for all middle and high schools to help guide decisions about the safety of outdoor activities.