AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Fire Department’s (AFD) Wildfire Division continue to improve and update information related to wildfire via its new simplified “wildfire hub,” according to a City of Austin news release.

The “wildfire hub” has extensive information on wildfires, as well as a new simplified website address — On this website, you can find current wildfire risk for your neighborhood, directions on how to prepare for an evacuation, measures you can take to prevent wildfire spread on your property and more, according to the city.

If your neighborhood is called to evacuate, first responders will tell you to move to a Temporary Assembly Point (TAP), the city said. The TAP is large parking lot in a safe area near the
neighborhood where, according to the news release, city employees check-in evacuees and provide access to resources.

At the TAP, evacuees will get a QR Code that takes them to an Evacuee Check-in Form. According to the city, the form will ask for information about who evacuated, their contact information, and what resources they may need. The collected information will assist with accountability for the whereabouts and needs of evacuees, the city said.

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The information will also populate a dashboard seen at the Emergency Operations Center by City and County emergency operations personnel. The city said that information will give personnel them the number of evacuees needing shelter or other forms of support.

The city said a critical update was added to the QR code check-In process. Spanish speakers can use a link at the top to access a Spanish translation of the form. The city said additional languages will be eventually included in the form.

The city warned users the AFD wildfire hub should not be a source for notifications
and alerts.

It encouraged all central Texans to sign up with the Capital Area Council of Government (CAPCOG) for phone, email and text notifications about disasters and public safety events.

The city said additional resources are available at the City of Austin’s Active Emergency Information Hub.