AUSTIN (KXAN) — A woman’s 17-year-old mother gave her up for adoption in 1958. Now, 60 years later, she has been reunited with her family. 

Becky Stevenson tells KXAN she had known about her sister her whole life. She says her mother, Ann Yamrus, was always open about the daughter she had given up for adoption before having her and her four sisters. 

She says her mom had searched for her daughter with little luck for years. Last March, Stevenson entered the little information she had about her sister into an adoption site, not knowing that her sister, Kay Harris, was also looking for her long-lost family. 

“I honestly never thought I would ever find results,” Stevenson said. “It wasn’t that much information to go on.”

On June 6, they were matched, and she got in contact with Harris’ brother. They had exchanged phone calls and many text messages with their sister, but it was until Sunday that they met for the first time. 

They traveled to Austin from Baltimore to surprise Harris for her 60th birthday.

“All the years that she gave me up, I thanked her, one, for not aborting me, which could have been a possibility at that time,” Harris said. “Two, I appreciated the struggle she must have gone through, especially after I became a mother because I knew it would be extremely difficult to have a baby.”

“Every birthday I would sing happy birthday to her,” Yamrus, Harris’ mom said. “Here we are 60 years later to the day and she’s right here.”