AUSTIN (KXAN)—Travis County has a new plan to put more resources and even money into northeast Austin.

It passed a resolution brought forth by Travis County Commissioner Jeffrey Travillion, of Precinct 1.

“On June 1, 2023, EDSI briefed the Commissioners Court on the idea of creating a
Marshall Plan for eastern Travis County. A Marshall Plan identifies quality public
investments and funding mechanisms to support communities in East Travis County
that have faced displacement and systemic racism that has left people of color falling
further behind economically; made them more likely to be in a generational cycle of
poverty; and less resilient to natural disasters, weather events, and national or personal
economic or health crises.

Travis County Commissioners’ Court, Resolution background

Travis County is now taking real action to make sure those who call northeast Austin, can not only stay, but thrive.

“What we’re trying to construct is a policy framework,” Travillion said. “The idea is that there are a lot of very effective programs that are operating independently of each other. We want to put an asset map together that identifies these successful programs. So that we can identify not only what the programs are, but what the components of the program are, and where they operate.

Travillion said the Marshall Plan co-resolution with the City of Austin will pinpoint the best ways to invest and fund resources in northeast Austin.

“Most of the northeast corridor was has been affected by redlining, lack of access to credit, lack of access to government resources, and the only time it seems that they gain access is when they’re gentrifying,” Travillion said. “We want to make sure that we address their needs before gentrification.”

Travis County has already done some work to provide more resources, partnering with the with the Central Texas Food Bank for food distributions, free health clinics and more. But the Marshall Plan would make resources like this more permanent and consistent.

According to Travis County, initial work in this plan will include work identifying:

  • The geographic area
  • Establishing the baseline value
  • Modeling potential revenue/funding scenarios
  • Identifying potential federal funding
  • Addressing any legal issues that may arise and establishing a project and finance plan that is both data-driven and community informed by a meaningful public engagement strategy

“We don’t want to stop now,” Travillion said.

Travis County did submit a $250,000 budget request in the FY24 budget process to help with
the creation of a project plan and financial model.

The resolution also calls for community-led planning.