AUSTIN (KXAN) – During the pandemic, enrollment numbers dropped at Austin Community College, but the school says they are seeing numbers rise once again.

“We are projecting that we will get to about 37,000 students for the fall semester,” said Gaye Lynn Scott, Vice Chancellor of instruction with ACC.

Student enrollment is still open so numbers will change over the next few weeks.

In the Fall semester of 2020, ACC had 40,739 students enrolled, but that next year, in Fall 2021, enrollment dropped to 36,344 students. The numbers dropped again in Fall 2022, to 35,011 students.

“In that first year of the pandemic, there was a big rush to take advantage of remote learning. We lost quite a lot of ground in Fall of ’21 so we are building back up from there.”

The school is also seeing growth in certain fields like Computer Science and IT, which has seen enrollment rise by 7.5%. Liberal Arts enrollment has risen 10% and Science, Engineering and Math have seen an almost 7% increase in enrollment.  

“I think given the variety of programs we offer, the variety of opportunities to build a schedule that suits your work and your family obligations, the affordability all those things are part of the draw to Austin Community College,” said Scott.

While the school saw fewer students enrolling during the peak of the pandemic, Scott says moving online and continuing to offer those options has been welcomed by students.

New student enrollment in online only classes is up 16% from Fall 2022.