AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Fire Department firefighters recently got the chance to meet someone they saved 18 years ago.

On her way to her senior prom April 30, 18-year-old Lily Dashner visited AFD’s Station 2 and shared the story of how four of AFD’s finest saved her life after her premature birth.

In 2003, the crew on Engine 2 responded to her home after she was born. Two of the responding firefighters, Lt. Mike Lemerise and Ed Roberts, are now retired while Capt. Brandon Jennings and Captain Ed Roel are on different assignments, according to a post on AFD’s Facebook page.

Dashner told the station’s A-shift about “the great love and admiration she had for those who had come to her home,” and while she was growing up and learned about how firefighters saved her life that day, she “always wanted to see her fire truck number two driving down the road.”

“Many times, we never know the impact our actions may have on a family,” AFD’s post said. “Thank you to Lily and her family for taking the time to share what were surely difficult memories, and for letting us meet a real-life happy ending.”