AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Community College wanted to make sure Austin had an entry into the “monolith” trend sweeping the globe.

This one is a little less mysterious than the headliners that popped up in Utah, California and Romania, however. The college’s welding department built the metal triangular column and installed it in the Jacob Fontaine Plaza on ACC’s Highland campus in north Austin just off Airport Boulevard.

Faculty members primarily built it, but welding students helped too, including installation, ACC spokesperson Sydney Pruitt said.

The trend began when a triangular structure was found in a remote desert area of San Juan County in southeastern Utah in mid-November, and no one knew how it got there, fueling a social media craze. Recent eye witness accounts and developments say the structure met its demise when four people ripped it down, saying it shouldn’t be there and that people who use the area should “leave no trace.”

A similar structure was found in Atascadero, California, which is located in the state’s central coast area north of San Luis Obispo.