AUSTIN (KXAN) — A local entertainment delivery service is “extra,” but in a good way.

With live venues and stages still shuttered, one Austinite is bringing the entertainment to the people, with social distancing, of course.

(KXAN Photo/Todd Bailey)

Enter front lawn “stage right” EXTRAGRAMS Entertainment Delivery. The service is “not your average singing telegrams,” founder Kerry Lynn said.

Lynn’s service offers a variety of personalized performances: drag queens, musicians, circus-type characters and more. It’s been running for less than a month, but the reception’s been wonderful so far.

“We’ve just had so much fun. Entertainers are just so excited to be able to go out there and perform again and people just love having something new, something vibrant that shows up. It’s a magical experience,” Lynn said. “Performers and myself get just as much out of it as the person does receiving it.”

Drag Queen Maeve Haven agrees.

“That’s what I love about entertaining: bringing a smile to a face, making a moment and I think this allows us to do that in a safe way and it’s exciting, I love it.”

(KXAN Photo/Todd Bailey)

Haven performed for a recently engaged couple living in Austin Friday morning. She danced and lip-singed lyrics to a few songs the bride-to-be Dana grew up listening to. For them, the unexpected gift from their siblings meant a lot.

“This was just exactly the joy we needed to celebrate,” Dana said. “I would say it’s probably the most meaningful thing I’ve ever received other than this ring.”

“It really, just made our day,” groom-to-be Andrew said. “We spend most of our days inside, kind of hunched over on a screen, and it’s really nice to have something like this to sort of switch it up and have someone show that they care, and they’re thinking about you in this very personal way and it really does mean a lot to us.”

Each entertainment option is a set price unless you customize your order. They also partner with local businesses, offering added touches like cupcake orders along with the performance. On top of that, for every handful of Extragrams that the service sends out, they’re donating one to the community for a person or place that’s in need of some cheering up. You can schedule a performance for someone and learn more on the service’s website or visit their social media.