AUSTIN (KXAN) — A northwest Austin pet store is happy to be reunited with its $6,000 cockatoo after the bird was taken from the store over the weekend.

The bird’s owner said Lemon Grab, a sulphur and citron-crested cockatoo, went missing from the Gallery of Pets store around closing time Sunday afternoon.

The bird’s owner said someone grabbed the bird and walked out. The store shared a clip of its surveillance video with KXAN from around the time it believes the bird was stolen.

Lemon Grab is a support pet for an employee at the store, the bird’s owner said. The cockatoo is young and needs to be fed by hand.

In an update Monday afternoon, the owner said she was contacted by a someone who said they knew where the bird was. They met up Monday evening, and Lemon Grab is now safe and sound.

A report has been filed with the Austin Police Department, the owner said, and they’re still pursuing charges.

KXAN reached out to APD for more details. It confirmed the bird was stolen from the Gallery of Pets store around 5:55 p.m. Sunday. The thief reportedly left in a black pickup truck with two other people inside.