AUSTIN (KXAN) — Five people injured in a north Austin three-alarm apartment complex fire have filed a lawsuit against the complex.

According to the Buzbee Law Firm, the lawsuit alleges the apartment complex lacked working sprinklers and an alarm system to notify the residents of the fire.

The suit also said one of the victims is still in the hospital and on life support, having suffered severe burns to a large portion of his body. Another victim was a child who was rushed to the hospital after passing out.

“It is not surprising that when the fire broke at night unbeknownst to the sleeping Plaintiffs, it spread so quickly that Plaintiffs were forced to leap from their burning, second-story windows,” the suit read.

The Ventura Apartments is an apartment complex located at 9133 Northgate Blvd.

Until a few months ago, it was known as the Quail Creek Apartments. The Ventura Apartments is a two-story apartment complex consisting of more than 40 units.

Prior to the Jan. 7 fire, the Ventura Apartments looked like the below image:

The Ventura Apartments before the Jan. 7, 2022 fire.
The Ventura Apartments before the Jan. 7, 2022 fire.

The lawsuit seeks to preserve the scene so the victims’ representatives can collect evidence. The suit also said the damages suffered by these plaintiffs will exceed $25 million.

KXAN has reached out to the apartment complex and is waiting to hear back.

Firefighters have not said what may have caused the complex to go up in flames.