AUSTIN (KXAN) — Five people were indicted in the death of their friend who died after falling off a boat in Lake Travis in October 2019, according to court documents obtained by KXAN.

Delaney Brennan, Joshua Evans, Carson Neel, Anthony Salazar and Elle Weber face charges varying from lying to police about details surrounding Jack Elliott’s death to providing alcohol to minors, according to indictments filed in Travis County:

  • Brennan: perjury, making a false statement to a police officer
  • Evans: purchase/furnish alcohol to a minor
  • Neel: purchase/furnish alcohol to a minor, making a false statement to a police officer
  • Salazar: perjury, making a false statement to a police officer
  • Weber: making a false report to a police officer

KXAN has reached out to each of their attorneys. This story will be updated with their responses.

Elliott, 19, was from California and disappeared the night of Oct. 14, 2019, when he fell off a boat near Emerald Point Marina in Devil’s Cove. His body was recovered 10 days later at a depth of over 100 feet.

The Orange County Register reported Elliott was part of a group that came to Austin to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival — nearly all of them Texas Christian University students.

The local paper said a December 2019 report from Texas Parks and Wildlife found Elliott was pushed by Brennan from the front of the boat. He was hit by the propeller multiple times and died. The Orange County Register stated, in sworn statements, Weber said Brennan and Elliott were flirting at the front of that boat when she gave him a “playful little shove,” and he fell off the boat.

According to indictments, some of the group told police Salazar, who wasn’t drinking that day, was driving the boat when it was Weber. Indictments also claimed alcohol was provided to Elliott and much of the group, even though they were underage.

Salazar’s attorney told KXAN in a statement Friday, “We have no comment.” Evans’ attorney also said the same.

Any alcohol on the boat was discarded overboard, according to the Orange County Register. A search warrant tied to the case stated deputies “found a debris field of beer cans, hard seltzer cans, and a hydro flask floating in the water near the location they were given that Elliott was last seen.”

The search warrant stated people on the boat, in written statements, told law enforcement they “didn’t know what happened to Jack Elliott or thought he intentionally jumped off the boat and was missing.”

According to Travis County court records, the parents of Elliott filed a wrongful death lawsuit against some of the students involved in 2020. The Orange County Register reported it was settled privately.