AUSTIN (KXAN) — The three suspects in the shooting death of an active-duty airman in Cedar Park have been charged with first-degree murder, according to documents filed in court. 

Cedar Park police say Austin Burroughs was shot and killed in the parking lot of his Cedar Park apartment complex at the 2200 block of South Lakeline Boulevard on Jan 20. A car was seen driving from the scene that was registered to 19-year-old Elanna Wilkes who had been linked to robberies in the past. 

Investigators arrested Wilkes along with 20-year-old Cornelius Martin and 19-year-old Darious Burdett-Hornsby and all three now face first-degree murder charges in connection with Burroughs’ death.

The three told investigators differing stories about what happened the night Burroughs was killed, according to multiple affidavits, but they all agree on one fact: Burdett-Hornsby was holding the gun that killed Burroughs. 

Wilkes told investigators that on the night of Jan. 20, she was driving her white Kia Rio while Martin was in the front passenger seat, according to affidavits filed in court. The two picked up Burdett-Hornsby and they smoked marijuana together. The trio drove to two apartment complexes with the intention of robbing homes and drug dealers. 

At Lakeline Apartments, “Elanna said that Darious [sic] was going to ‘rob a plug’ for weed,” officials wrote in the affidavit, referring to their intention of robbing a drug dealer. Martin gave Burdett-Hornsby his gun, according to an affidavit.

Martin and Wilkes told investigators that the gun belonged to Martin but he gave it to Burdett-Hornsby. Martin told police that at the first robbery, Wilkes stayed in the car and he and Burdett-Hornsby robbed an old lady. 

Later at the Lakeline Apartments, “Cornelius said that after arriving and parking in the complex Darious [sic] got out of the vehicle and ‘that n—- killed somebody,'” police wrote in the affidavit. “Cornelius said that after Darious [sic] got back into the vehicle he put a gun to Elanna’s head and told her to drive away.” 

Burdett-Hornsby told police that Burroughs’ death was accidental. He told police “he walked over to the victim’s vehicle and attempted to open the car door as the victim was exiting. Darious [sic] said that the victim attempted to take the handgun and when he did the gun ‘went off.'” Burdett-Hornsby told police he got back in the car and Martin demanded he give the gun back to him and hasn’t seen it since. 

Burroughs’s wife picked out Burdett-Hornsby as the man who allegedly shot and killed her husband.