AUSTIN (KXAN) — A large dog’s tumble down an incline this weekend led to a coordinated rescue operation by Austin firefighters.

The Austin Fire Department posted on Twitter that crews strapped a 150-pound Mastiff mix into a sled-like stretcher Sunday evening and used ropes to pull him up a steep hill to safety. The post stated the dog’s name is Mason, and he “fell down an incline near the Colorado River.”

The video shows three firefighters surrounding the dog, as the stretcher is pulled upward. Mason keeps looking at the first responders and even gets some head pats from them just before they reached the top of the incline. A woman is heard in the clip reminding Mason he’s a “good boy” and to “stay right there.”

“He was cooperative and seemed thankful!” the department’s tweet read.

Since the department shared the video of Mason’s rescue, the clip has garnered almost 18,000 views on Twitter.