AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s spooky season, but one Austin neighborhood was dealt a nasty trick when a 14-foot-tall skeleton Halloween decoration was stolen from one of its homes.

Neighbors’ security cameras captured the suspect stealing the massive decoration Saturday afternoon from the northwest Austin condominium community, just before 5 p.m. Grazia Ruskin, president of the condominium’s HOA board, told KXAN Tuesday neighbors were shocked the theft occurred in the middle of the day when many community members are outside or milling around.

A group of northwest Austin residents are searching for the person behind the theft of a 14-foot skeleton decoration Oct. 15. (Courtesy: Grazia Ruskin)

The woman whose decorations were stolen is a single mom in the neighborhood who’s currently sick. With her permission, Ruskin and fellow neighbors have put out information regarding the theft, offering a $50 reward for the return of the skeleton.

“It is ‘just a Halloween decoration,'” Ruskin said. “But somebody invaded our space and they took [her] property, and that’s not okay with me.”

Footage captured by neighbors depicts what appears to be a person with red hair driving a third generation Denali, model from 2007 to 2014. Other identifiable features include possible damage to the front bumper on the driver’s side; a black or chrome roof rack; a black antenna on the roof above the driver’s seat; and possibly missing license plates.

The neighborhood, located on a private drive, hasn’t seen any similar thefts since a string of car break-ins three or four years ago, Ruskin told KXAN. After those incidents, the community upgraded neighborhood lighting and requested residents use security cameras as a deterrent.

Ruskin said she hopes the reward will possibly incentive whoever stole the decoration to have a change of heart and return the piece. She said theirs is a tight-knit neighborhood and they just want their neighbor to be able to celebrate the holiday in full fashion.

“The person that took this, maybe that $50 would go a long way in helping clear their conscience and, you know, pointing us in the right direction,” she said. “If somebody is struggling to a point that their desperation leads them to stealing a Halloween decoration….we would come together, you don’t have to steal from us.”

Anyone with information regarding the theft is asked to contact the neighborhood at