AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Saturday, Road Guardians, a group of motorcycle riders made up of doctors, nurses and EMT members, taught a daylong class that encouraged motorcycle safety, the importance of sharing the road and what to do at the scene of a crash.

The Accident Scene Management Class was a partnership between Cowboy Harley-Davidson, Glen Larson Law and the Road Guardians. The class was held at Cowboy Harley-Davidson’s southeast Austin location.

The motorcycle riders and health-care workers taught class attendees about how to respond to roadside trauma — with the goal of teaching others life-saving techniques to use at a crash scene.

Glen Larson, an injury attorney at Glen Larson Law, said it could take only minutes to save a life.

“The matter of a few minutes — a life can be saved, and statistically, it shows that someone who knows this information has a 30% to 40% chance of improving someone’s quality of life and saving their life should there be a life-threatening injury at the scene,” Larson said.

With the riding season underway, the group said it was also working to raise awareness about motorcycle safety and sharing the road.