AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Police said it is investigating two suspicious deaths Friday afternoon.

APD said a check welfare call came in at 2 p.m. for a location in the 1600 block of Forest Trail in west Austin. That’s near Enfield Road and Mopac Expressway.

Police said officers found two people dead with trauma to their bodies. APD did not confirm the cause of death or the relationship between the two.

Charlie Plauche has lived in the neighborhood with his wife for the last year. We’ve bumped into our other neighbors who are full of shock and surprise,” he said. “This is typically a very safe neighborhood and you never hear of stories like this because nothing like this has ever happened.”

Other neighbors told KXAN that the couple involved is always on it when it comes to leaving their garbage out on the street. On the scene however, their bins were filled up by the garage and not put out on the street.

  • APD said the investigation is in the 1600 block of Forest Trail in west Austin. That's near Enfield Road and Mopac Expressway. (KXAN Photo/Tim Holcomb)

There is no threat to the public and it is believed to be an isolated incident, APD said. Plauche said he was relieved to hear that.

“It seems like it was more of a domestic issue, which makes me feel a little better,” Plauche said. “If that wasn’t the rumor mill, then I might be more concerned. Overall, this is just really unfortunate and the situation is very sad.”