AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Monday night, the day before Christmas Eve, Margo Carey, the three-week-old baby girl who was recently rescued from a week-long disappearance along with her mother, was reunited with family.

But the reunion is a somber one, as Margo’s mother, Heidi Broussard will not be joining her.

Broussard, of Austin, went missing Dec. 12 and was found dead in the trunk of a car Thursday by a home in Jersey Village, near Houston.

Child Protective Services handed over custody of the baby Monday night, around the same time Austinites held a candlelit vigil for Broussard.

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On Friday afternoon, Harris Co. Institute of Forensic Sciences positively identified the body as that of Heidi Broussard. The cause of her death was also determined to be “ligature strangulation,” which is defined as a “type of strangulation that occurs with the use of mass that is not the body weight.” An example of this kind of death is being strangled by a rope.

According to officials, Margo was found healthy and was immediately transferred to a foster home — which she will now leave to be with family. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services says that CPS is no longer seeking temporary custody of the infant.

The candlelight vigil honoring Heidi’s life was also held on Monday night at at Garrison Park in south Austin, where mourners shared their thoughts, and their tears for the family.

Ty Carey, Margo’s grandfather, was in attendance and shared some of the heartbreak his son has felt over the past two weeks.

“It’s beyond comprehension to watch your son, to know he didn’t do a doggone thing and you know how much he loved her. It’s just unbelievable,” Carey said through tears.