CBD products being sold all over Austin but legal questions remain

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas lawmakers are considering several bills to legalize hemp and CBD.

The state already removed hemp from the list of Schedule 1 drugs, following the federal government’s declassification — and CBD could be soon, too.

CBD is different from THC. The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives people a high. Advocates say it helps them with everything from pain to anxiety.

Certain jurisdictions in Texas, however, continue to prosecute for CBD, even as retailers pop up all over the state.

The confusion prompted State Rep. Terry Canales to ask Attorney General Ken Paxton for clarification on whether CBD is legal or not.

Clearly the Attorney General’s opinion is not law, it’s an opinion,” said Canales. “But it may, to some degree, have the effect of law since nobody’s challenged it.”

“We have people driving from all over Central Texas to come to us,” said Gina Andre of Rawsome CBD Austin. She says Rawsome was the first CBD-only retailer in Austin, opening more than a year ago.

“This product that we’re selling is a 0-THC formula, which is a non-detectable level,” said Andre.

Andre says with recent rulings from the state and federal government, she’s past the point of concern.

“We had a feeling the wind was at our back with this.”

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