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Beloved drug-sniffing K-9 Lobos retires in Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Lobos has sniffed out millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs in his time working alongside Sgt. Randy Thumann. Now, he's enjoying the retired life.

Thumann and Lobos would often pull over vehicles on Interstate 10. When he was given permission to search them, Lobos uncovered all sorts of contraband.

In October 2017, he found $8 million of liquid meth. He's found millions of dollars in cocaine, and once helped bust a suspect hauling 100 pounds of synthetic marijuana. He found more than $21,000 hidden in a comforter. And, once, he found a missing boy who had climbed up a tree in a pasture and been surrounded by donkeys.

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The K-9 started working with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office in 2012. And while the Belgian Malinois gets a break, his partner does not.

Sgt. Thumann is now working with K-9 Kolt. This Monday, they worked to find 15 kilos of cocaine worth about $1.5 million hidden in a truck. On Tuesday, Kolt found another truck's battery was being used to hide $700,000-worth of methamphetamine. That same day, he found more than $600,000 in cash hidden in a load of cookies inside a tractor trailer.

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