DEL VALLE, Texas (KXAN) — A local brewery in Central Texas is finding success despite recent legal battles against the state.

The Live Oak Brewing Company opened their taproom to the public Saturday afternoon, and they found a large group of customers outside their doors.

“Its been 19 years in business in Austin, and we finally got a place of our own, a taproom, and a beer garden, and cans out in the market place; its a very happy day,” said Chip McElroy, the founder and president of the Live Oak Brewing Company, “Its been fantastic, people have been taking pictures and they don’t even have to tell me to smile.”

Live Oak Brewing hasn’t had all sunny days recently, as they along with other Texas breweries have recently entered a legal battle with the State of Texas over distribution rights.

A law passed by Texas lawmakers forbid people like McElroy from selling their distribution rights, but they hope to change the law with a legal victory.

“Well it would be great, it would be getting back our property that we’ve worked so hard for over all these years and several other breweries in the state also,” McElroy said.

The case is still pending at this time.