SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KXAN) — It’s not a box of Wheaties, but Tim Duncan is gracing boxes of H-E-B Slam Duncan O’s. The limited edition cereal with the Spurs’ star officially goes on sale Monday.

H-E-B says the cereal boxes will have a strict limit of six per customer. The San Antonio-based grocery store chain said the cereal is to celebrate and honor Duncan’s legacy as “one of the most beloved Spurs’ players of all time. HEB is producing up to 400,000 boxes of the cereal. reports the demand is expected to be high after early samples of the product released last month were listed for sale on Ebay. What will the cereal cost you? $2.98 plus tax.

The O’s in the cereal are honey nut flavored and represent the hoops and the chocolatey puffs represent the basketballs.