LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN)– The father of a man shot and killed by a Liberty Hill Police Officer said he has been left in the dark and wants answers.

“You took my son…Why? ” said Matt Lieber, who’s son was shot and killed in Liberty Hill Jan. 18.

“I come here today again to ask for answers about how and why my son Jackson Lieber was shot twice by Liberty Hill police officer Estebon Gomez Sanchez,” said Lieber.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said Lieber got into a crash on Ranch Road 1869, wandered onto private property and got in a fight with the people who live on the property.

Troopers said Lieber then got into a fight with the Liberty Hill police officer who responded, but have not said if Lieber had a weapon.

“If I texted him POL that was proof of life, which meant check in and let me know what you are doing,” said Lieber. “That was the last text I sent to him and he wasn’t alive when it was sent.”

Now the family is taking action by filing a federal lawsuit.

“We will be filing a federal lawsuit today in the Western District of Texas against the officer Estebon Gomez Sanchez,” said Robert Ranco, the family’s attorney.

Ranco said he requested body cam footage from the day of the shooting.

“To date we have not gotten any response to any of those attempts and we sent them to all of the agencies involved including the Rangers,” said Ranco.

Tim said he just wants answers.

“There is no doubt in my mind that officers had non lethal alternatives,” said Lieber.

The shooting remained under investigation Wednesday.